Why the Name?.

Why the Name "Imaginary Realm Studio?"

When I was graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art, I won an award- the Henry G. Keller Award for Excellence in Drawing. It was specifically for a balance between creative and figurative drawing. The "Imaginary" corresponds to the creative and the "Realm" to the figurative.

The initials IRS also stand for the Internal Revenue Service in a similar way that CIA also stands for the Central Intelligence Agency. I plan to figure out ways to make money from art making and things related, and to help others do so as well.

My understanding of the terms "imaginary realm" and "imaginal realm" is that the less tangible spirit world could be called the imaginary realm and the more tangible spirit world could be called the imaginal realm. The imaginal realm is tangible enough to be sensed by others, while what goes on in the imaginary realm might be more ephemeral and not as evident. However, all imagination probably involves a hidden reality, and work with either extreme probably finds its way to affecting the physical world. I'm interested in both polarities equally, but picked the term imaginary realm for the title of my art studio because imaginal is a vocabulary word, and might require explanation, which might take the focus off of what I would need to say during the few moments I'd have in an "elevator speech."

I'm currently interested in the Theosophical worldview, with its seven planes each having seven subplanes. Perhaps imaginative art is a record of perception of the astral planes, and possibly during the process of working on art, we are dealing with subtle matter.

-Troy Blum