Artist's Statement .

Artist's Statement

The mission of Imaginary Realm Studio is to use the process of art making as a way of smelling the astral roses along the way of making spiritual progess.

Other names for this aspect of reality I'm most interested in portraying are the dreamworld, the spirit world, and the imaginary and imaginal realms. These places are in a way less real than the physical world and in a way more real.

Although I work primarily alone, I hope to involve other people and form or join groups of artists working in tandem and together. One person might start an artwork and another person might finish it. Or multiple artists could depict a view of the same location. Various people could approach the same work from different angles in different ways, and share ways of working.

The work is intended to make visible and tangible what we only glimpse in our dreams and only sense while based in the physical body in a slight way. We might also remember the astral planes from the pre-physically embodied or in between lives state.

Art can be a window of opportunity for the perception of and experience of this hidden side of our world. This brings beauty and meaning into our lives and makes for a more harmonious existence.

I'm also interested in plein air painting, portraiture, figure drawing and painting, abstraction, and making mandalas.

-Troy Blum